Friday, September 23, 2016

Flash Freebie!

Woohoo for more free products! This is the 3rd week of flash freebies, and I'm loving all of the positive feedback. Grab this awesome States of Matter Experiment while you can! It'll be available on my tpt store until September 30th :)

This experiment works two ways:

1. You can actually put out an ice cube and have your students watch and observe it throughout the day as it transforms from a solid, to a liquid, to a gas. They will record their observations in the chart and then complete the writing activity at the end of the day.

2. If you want the lesson to take place in one class period, or just don't have time to conduct the experiment yourself, I have included an alternative worksheet with pictures of the ice in all three states of matter. This way students can still observe the changes in state and complete the observation/results pages of the experiment.

If your students are anything like mine, they'll love this hands on experiment. Be sure to follow Food For Taught on all of my other social media to catch the next flash freebie!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Flash Freebie!

Thank God it's...wait it's still not Friday? This week is definitely dragging for me, but it's had it's high points for sure! My students are really getting the hang of our morning routine and are even starting to lead it themselves. To celebrate this #smallvictory I've decided to post one of the main parts of our morning routine as this week's #flashfreebie!

This number of the day template is the perfect way to slowly introduce and review some of the most important 2nd grade math skills. It only takes about 3 minutes and students catch on surprisingly fast to some of the more advanced concepts. I was shocked when my students starting understanding the expanded form of numbers on the 3rd week of school!

Grab this freebie while you can! It'll be available for FREE for one week until Thursday, September 22nd. Be sure to follow me on instagram/facebook for more freebies, and don't worry, our good friend Friday is just hours away. :)

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Teacher Week 2016

As a new instagramer and blogger, I was thrilled when I found out about Blog Hoppin's teacher week! I knew it'd be a great way to get more involved in the online teacher community, and boy was I right! Basically, you post a picture on Instagram for 5 days in a row based on the theme of that day. I was able to meet so many amazing women and teachers through teacher week. It's amazing that no matter how long you've been teaching or where in world you live, all teachers have something in common. Whether you use the same classroom Pinterest hacks, wear the same teacher dress, or are both slaves to the Target dollar section, there seems to be at least one thing that bonds you to another teacher. I think that's really something special, and it was great to be a part of something that let me connect with even more teacher friends. So without further ado, here's my Teacher Week 2016!

Day 1: Meet Me Monday

Here I was connected with several other teachers with an affinity for Christmas and a good PB&J sandwich. There also seem to be so many other 2nd year teachers. It's nice not feeling like the only new kid on the block!

Day 2: Teaching Tuesday

This is when I shared my favorite lesson of the year: The First Day Jitters. I know I definitely have my fair share of jitters on the first day of a new school year, so being able to share this with my students while calming their nerves too is a great way to bond us together. There are also so many lessons and activities to go along with this book. I personally love the "First Day Feelings" graph so I can sneak a little math lesson in on the first day too. :)

Day 3: Where I Work Wednesday

I loved sharing a few pictures of my pirate-themed classroom with the IG community. I think my favorite spot in the room has got to be our library: Pirate Cove. Students get to set sail on so many different journeys as they explore different worlds through the books they read here. Cheesy I know, but as an elementary teacher I'm allowed a certain amount of cheesiness on my blog, right?

Day 4: Threads Thursday

I remember when I used to stroll into the mall and head straight to Forever 21 to search solely for the latest and trendiest pieces. It's funny how priorities change! Now my top priorities are finding dresses that I can squat and pick up crayons in without flashing a flock of seven year olds. These are two of my favorite teacher outfits that are comfortable and functional, and don't tell anyone but those pants are actually from Forever 21! ;)

Day 5: Friends Friday

My favorite day! I feel so lucky to have some of the best women and teachers I've ever met right down the hall! Jennifer and I decided to take our Friends Friday picture together, especially since we're both TpTers and Instateachers :) Not only do I have a great network of teacher friends at school, I have also made some amazing ones through social media as well! The way I see it you can never have too many teacher friends. Each teacher I meet teaches me something new, and I can't wait to meet even more of you! So don't be shy-feel free to message me whenever on any of my social media to chat, share tips and tricks, or even just to vent about that one student who's going to send you into early retirement. We all have at least one!

This week has been such a blast, and I'm truthfully sad it's over. I hope to continue to connect with more fellow teachers, so be sure to check out my social media links on the sidebar. I hope you enjoyed reading my weeks worth of posts, and I'll see you next year for Teacher Week 2017!

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Flash Freebie!

I've decided to start posting a weekly freebie on my TpT store for all of my wonderful followers because hey, who doesn't love free things?? Plus with these #teachersalaries we need all the freebies we can get our hands on. These products will be free for ONE week only, so be sure to grab them! The twist is, you never know what day of the week I'll be posting the flash freebie, so check the blog often! I'll also be posting on Instagram and Facebook so follow me there for even more products and freebies!

This freebie is a story structure graphic organizer that focuses on beginning, middle, and end using pictures. It is one of the most popular pages from my Story Structure Bundle, so I know y'all will enjoy it. Let me know what you think by rating the product on my TpT store, and feel free to leave some feedback on my other social media sites too! 

Have a great weekend, and don't spend too much of it stressing about next week! You've got plenty of time for that Sunday night :)

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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Open House 101

Open House always brings me a mixture of excitement and overwhelming fear. Yes I said it, I get scared when I have to talk to parents.

"But how can you be nervous about talking in front of people? You do it all day every day!"

This is usually the reaction I get when I bring this up, but children and parents are NOT THE SAME! Kids think you're the and don't notice if you make 1 (or 1,000) mistakes throughout the day. Parents on the other hand are judging you as soon as they pull in the parking lot, and can you blame them? You are the person who's going to be with their babies more than they will for the next 300 days. The person who's responsible for teaching them anything and everything they need to know to succeed in life and keeping them in one piece while doing it. That's a whole lot of pressure! Now you see why I'm a bundle of nerves this time of year. But fear not, I have some tips to make Open House a breeze.

1. Have two sign in sheets.

This cuts back on the line forming inside your class and lets you get onto your presentation sooner.

2. Have a presentation!

It's easy to get tongue tied, so having a PowerPoint of important information to go through always makes things easier. You can also print the slides out so late parents or no-shows don't miss anything. Don't know where to start? No worries. Here's a completely editable Open House Presentation that will leave those parents informed and impressed.

3. Student Activities!

Parents love to see things their children made for them, so be sure to have at least one on their desks waiting for them. This can be an activity from the first week of school, their all about me books, or an activity done just for this occasion. I like to have my students write their parents an open house letter. It's entertaining and a great way to practice writing throughout the week.

3. Donations!

This is the perfect opportunity to get some more supplies for your classroom without having to spend your whole first paycheck. Having a Donation Station gives parents the chance to choose what they want to contribute to the class while they're still in the back to school mode. Trust me, these extra supplies will come in handy later when you're out of pencils by Christmas!

4. Positivity First!

Children are a reflection of their parents, so when you start off a conversation with a negative like "Ben just can't seem to sit still." it doesn't usually sit well with the parents. Instead start with a positive! "Ben has such charisma in class. He's always there to help a friend and is great at math." Parents will be so tickled at this point that they'll be much more receptive when you tell them any issues you're having.

And just remember, it's only one day a year! In a few short hours it'll be over, so enjoy meeting the parents and showing off your classroom!

All of the resources mentioned above can be found in this Open House Super Bundle. Check it out! :)