Thursday, June 1, 2017

7 Thoughts All Teachers Have During the First Week of Summer

It's June 1st so you know what that means...HELLO SUMMER! Teachers, you can finally turn off your alarms and take a much needed vacay from the chaos of school life. That's right, no jammed copy machines gonna get you down today! And we know what you're all thinking...

1. I can go to the bathroom....WHENEVER I WANT!

Give your bladders of steel a rest for a while! There's no need to wait until the last possible second before sprinting down the hall in a frenzy, all the while hoping Johnny doesn't cut Emma's hair again while you're indisposed. This is your time! Enjoy it! 

2. Summer bod HERE I COME!

Between the thousands of treats stacking up in the teachers' lounge and the pounds of candy you bought to bribe your kids during the last few weeks of school (that you ended up eating during your planning period), your "summer bod" may need a little help. Luckily your over achiever nature combined with the 7 extra hours you've acquired a day are the perfect time to work out-or at least plan to! Your Pinterest feed will flourish with exercise routines and healthy crockpot dinners galore! Even if you never actually get around to doing them :)

3. Wait what day is it?

It's easy to forget what day of the week it is when you're not writing it on the board, singing it in a song, velcroing it to a poster, and being asked about it 100 times a day! But who cares, it's not like you have to go to work today! Everyday's a Saturday! 

4. Let's do lunch!

Believe it teachers! Those days of shoveling in squished peanut and butter sandwiches and a few leftover Skittles from a lesson that looked better on paper are OVER! Grab some friends and go to lunch! Heck, have a drink or two while you're at it! It's not like you have to rush back to pick up 23 riled up mini-people in 15 minutes anymore! Keep in mind you'll probably need to go with teacher friends- all your other ones are at work!

5. Silence is golden!

Did you actually just go a whole day without hearing that Sue cut Henry in line or that Reggie pushed Jen, or that Samantha glued her fingers together and can't get them free? YES! No more hearing every tattling word or random thought that has nothing to do with your lesson anyway! And though you truly do care about what they have to say (most of the time) a little silence is certainly a welcomed treat.

6. I get my first name back!

Go ahead, stop introducing yourself as Ms. Whatever and turn into a real person again! Your "secret name" as your students call it can finally come back into circulation. Just remember that at the stroke of August this name disappears again, so use it while you can! 

7. So...what do I do now?

Believe it or not, you've grown accustomed to doing twenty-eight thousand things per minute and don't really know what to do now that you're no longer a prisoner to the morning bell. You actually find yourself missing those little humans who caused you such joy and despair over the past 180 days! 

Well don't worry can always teach summer school! 

or not ;)