Saturday, November 5, 2016

Can You Hear Me Now? YES!

This week was groundbreaking in my 2nd grade class, and I just had to share why with you! My donors choose project was funded and part of the goodies I ordered was a portable PA system with 2 wireless mics!

Now I know many of you are wondering why anyone would need a PA system for a single classroom?! God knows my voice is loud enough to be heard light years away, so why bother? The answer is in this picture below:

These are two of my students finally sharing their creative writing assignments with the class!! I couldn't believe how the simple change of presentation method made every student want to share their work. I'm talking everyone! Of course those kids who always want to share every single detail of their lives with anyone who'll listen were thrilled, but my shy students who barely speak above a whisper were excited too! And the best part, no more "What'd she say? I can't hear him! Speak up! Use your big voice!" With this little gem the whole class can hear whoever is presenting from the front to the back of the class with ease! 

I've seen such a change in my class in just the week we've had this system, and it couldn't have been easier to set up. The speaker is lightweight and comes already assembled, so all you have to do is put 2 AA batteries in the microphones and turn it on. This is a Pure Acoustics Wireless Portable PA System and it's on sale for $99! The sound quality is fantastic, and it connects to bluetooth too! Also, check out Donors Choose to get donations for this and other classroom supplies you need! Happy teaching! 

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