Thursday, September 15, 2016

Flash Freebie!

Thank God it's...wait it's still not Friday? This week is definitely dragging for me, but it's had it's high points for sure! My students are really getting the hang of our morning routine and are even starting to lead it themselves. To celebrate this #smallvictory I've decided to post one of the main parts of our morning routine as this week's #flashfreebie!

This number of the day template is the perfect way to slowly introduce and review some of the most important 2nd grade math skills. It only takes about 3 minutes and students catch on surprisingly fast to some of the more advanced concepts. I was shocked when my students starting understanding the expanded form of numbers on the 3rd week of school!

Grab this freebie while you can! It'll be available for FREE for one week until Thursday, September 22nd. Be sure to follow me on instagram/facebook for more freebies, and don't worry, our good friend Friday is just hours away. :)

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