Friday, September 23, 2016

Flash Freebie!

Woohoo for more free products! This is the 3rd week of flash freebies, and I'm loving all of the positive feedback. Grab this awesome States of Matter Experiment while you can! It'll be available on my tpt store until September 30th :)

This experiment works two ways:

1. You can actually put out an ice cube and have your students watch and observe it throughout the day as it transforms from a solid, to a liquid, to a gas. They will record their observations in the chart and then complete the writing activity at the end of the day.

2. If you want the lesson to take place in one class period, or just don't have time to conduct the experiment yourself, I have included an alternative worksheet with pictures of the ice in all three states of matter. This way students can still observe the changes in state and complete the observation/results pages of the experiment.

If your students are anything like mine, they'll love this hands on experiment. Be sure to follow Food For Taught on all of my other social media to catch the next flash freebie!

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  1. Yes! I needed something exactly like this. I'm off to download.